Burners Card Deck Artwork

A hot rod themed deck of cards called the Burners Deck by Dwayne Vance. All face cards, Ace's, and Jokers will be designed from the ground up. All artwork will be hand drawn and then manipulated int eh computer for final layout.

 I am creating a hot rod themed deck called the "Burners" Deck. This will be project that will be updated as I move along with everything. This will be launched as a kickstarter project around May. All the proceeds from the deck will be donated to a charity called Redeeming Love. They are an organization that rescues girls from the sex slave trade. Here is thier website if your intrested in seeing whet they do redeemingloveca.com .  
All rough sketches for all the face cards and the aces are done and I am in the process of cleaning up all the art now. I am broadcasting this project on Twitch.tv/chknscratch on Tues and Thurs at 9pm PST. Then at other times as I have free time to broadcast. I am also uploading my broadcast on my youtube channel at  www.youtube.com/FutureElements Stop by and join the conversation. 
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