Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol
Feast your eyes on some killer hot rod art
Typography by Martin Schmetzer
Artwork by Dwayne Vance
Artwork by Dwayne Vance
Artwork by Dwayne Vance
Artwork by Max Grundy
Artwork by Tavis Highlander
Artwork by Eric Black
Artwork by Jean Baptiste Robilliar
Artwork by Christian Pierce
Artwork by Charlie Decker "One Arm Bandit"
Artwork by John Frye
Artwork by Tom Fritz
DVD with over 2hrs of instructional tutorials by Dwayne Vance on drawing and rendering cars.
I now offer a Digital Download version of the book. It still has all the great content from the orginal book along with a few new added bonus video and some diffrent artwork in my section. It is a downloadable interactive PDF so it will work on most devices. Digital Download. 
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