MC Space Racer 2
American Muscle Space Racer
Here is the second ship in the series of Space Racers. This version is nothin but pure American Muscle. This was all painted in Painter 12.2 using the 2b pencil, thick and thin pen and the glow brush.

It takes place in the future obviously and it started out with government funding being cut to NASA. So NASA came up with a plan to stay in the market by creating a race circuit into space. They go out and seek sponsors for their project and it soon catches on. It started out in the US then eventually as the popularity grew it started to attract the other nations. So the space programs were all revitalized in a different way and started building race ships. They entered a whole new realm of racing space instead of just exploring it. So based on that short story I started to create these ships. Then each one has certain styling based on the country it represents. You can see each one has the flag painted on the body by the cockpit area on each ship. All these ships were started and finished in Painter 12. I drew the original sketches using the various pencils tools offered in Corel Painter. Then digitally painted them with the Thick and Thin pen brush in Painter 12. For my hardware I am using a Wacom 21 UX monitor and a PC to produce all my drawings and digital paintings. Each of these ships took approx 4 hrs a piece to produce.
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