MS Space Racer
Some Italian influence in this ship design
So this is the final ship I worked on at Comic Con. I used Painter 12 to complete the final design. I used the 2b pencil, thick and then pen and for the final details I used the glow brush to punch up some highlights. So this design has some hints of Ferrari influence. It is more raw like the old race cars. You can see more info at www.mastersofchickenscratch.comĀ 
Here is my original Line work. I started on Paper with a rough sketch then took it into Painter to refine it.
Then started applying color with the Thick and Thin pen in Painter 12.
As you can see I changed my red paint at this point. Originally I was rendering it as a metalic red paint but changed the color to be a solid red and more vibrant like a Ferrari Race car.
This was just another final shot with a little blur effect added to give more of a 3d appeerance.
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