Product design work for Troy Lee Designs
Brian Lopes signature Knee Pad
This is a knee pad I designed while I was at Troy Lee Designs. The idea was by Brian Lopes and I did all the styling and final function of the piece. The final design was very successful in the mountain bike market.
The idea was by Brian Lopes and I was the designer for the look and function of the piece. These were the final product for the Lopes signature knee pads.
 This is how the kneed pad functioned. You could wear the soft knee pad while riding uphill then when you are ready to go down hill you put on the plastic outer part. It turned out to be a very comfortable knee pad. I did a lot of testing myself to make sure the product was to the best quality and performance.
This was my final sketch rendering for the final knee pad design.
This is my cross section break up to show the surfaces for the 3D modeler.
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